Jonlivia X BlazePants Brightening Series

Good day everyone! It is almost Chinese New Year now and I hoped that all of you have done your Chinese New Year shopping! I have bought several clothes for Chinese New Year and I’m glad to say, that I could still wear most of my clothes that I bought last year. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat more healthy food as well as to pick up yoga lessons.

Now, I’ve just started yoga but I didn’t have any suitable pants to wear for it. At first I wore my leggings but it was a bit uncomfortable for me until one day I remembered that I did a review for one of Jonlivia’s Blaze pants range last year. Check out my review on this apparel right here.

Just two weeks ago, they contacted me again and told me about their new BlazePants Brightening range and invited me to their launching of this apparel in Paradigm Mall. Apparently, with this BlazePants Brightening, you will sweat 4 times more and burn calories faster. It combines the latest skin brightening innovation via Neoheat fabric immersed in distilled rose extracted from hundreds of organic rose petal components.

Models showcasing the latest Jonlivia range


I’m very excited to try out the NEW BlazePants Brightening Series.

It is embedded with rose extracts. Can you imagine working out, sweating but still smell like roses? Hundreds of organic rose petal components exfoliates and helps release the vitamins and minerals to brighten the skin. Awesome isn’t it?

It also has a high rise design which helps distribute heat to your tummy with a slimming form fit. What better way than to wear this pants during your workout sessions?

It’s fabric is airy and has a built in ventilation that enables to circulate air freely.

And to all the ladies out there! If you’re like me, “puteri lilin” known to be afraid of sunlight or getting tan, you will love this! As it has 50% UPF protection which helps shield your skin against harmful UV rays!

Don’t worry if you have a sensitive skin, this Blazepants Brightening series range contains minerals, plus vitamins A,C,D and E from matured rose petals that minimises redness and soothes skin which is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

For more information, feel free to check out this webs:

BlazePants Brightening Series

Credits to my lovely boyfie, Check out his awesome blog too!

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