No Reason = The best reason for flowers <3

The Best of Flowers in Singapore

A fresh flower bouquet that’s just about to bloom brings some much joy into my home and my heart, it’s almost unreal to describe. I’m a frequent shopper at A Better Florist. This bloom crew is almost like my family, and I think everyone who makes me that happy is my family. The bouquets that I order from my home are so breathtaking and different; it’s really hard to give them an adjective that will do them justice.

Each and every one is different. For example the Spring Breeze reminds you of a fresh, bright, spring morning, while The Allison is every aspiring and romantic woman’s dream. While it’s hard to describe all of them with one word, I can safely say that they are always fresh, perky and beautiful. That’s something they all share.

The Spring Breeze

Although the flowers are my favourite, I do also get fruit baskets, especially on New Years and Christmas. They customize my fruit basket so that it doesn’t break any Chinese New Year traditions. I also get hampers from them, due to the same reason – personalization. They haven’t said no to any of my orders so far, and I’ve ordered a graduation hamper and a hamper for my mother-in-laws birthday.

Other things they offer are: gorgeous flower stands which serve great as wedding décor or as entrance décor, if you really want to be extra, funeral flowers so that you always have appropriate yet beautiful flowers to express your deepest condolences and sympathy, along with pampering bundles and flower bunches. You can literally grab a baby shower gift and a  get well soon hamper, all in the same place, no matter what kind of an event you’re going to or what the occasion calls for. I really enjoy this kind ofconvenience, especially because you can order online.

They’re the best florist in Singapore in my opinion also because they have never failed me so far. They always deliver on the same day and I never have to wait for anything. The flower delivery Singapore you can expect from A Better Florist is swift, reliable and you really get to trust them, as they deliver on the same day, with no excuses, even when you’re out and about and what flowers delivered to a mall or something like that. Even when they’re supposed to be on holiday, just like everyone else, they are working.

The best florist in Singapore keeps it fresh, new and interesting and convenient for you. It’s so easy to get pampered by their service, not to mention their famous flower deliverySingapore has come to love so much. But what if you’re not in Singapore? Let’s say you’re in Hong Kong or Dubai? Well then, you’re in luck. They might be fairly new, but the word about A Better Florist spread so quickly that they now have a Dubai flower delivery  and their own Hong Kong flower delivery. They have respective websites for each, that you can visit and order your flowers or hampers to any location in the prospective places. If you’re a regular online, you’ll find plenty of sources that regard them as the best florist inHong Kong and the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

While I haven’t tried their services there, I’m pretty sure that they maintain quality outside of Singapore as well and that they really do have the best flower delivery in Hong Kong as well. I take comfort in knowing who offers the best flower delivery in Singapore, and I am delighted to recommend it to all my fellow Singaporeans!

After all, there’s a saying; ”Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.”- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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[Iridescent Heart] Feeling Upset

Hollaa everyone 🙂

Just feeling a lil upset these few days.. I normally scroll through Facebook every morning, after making a cup of coffee for breakfast. And well, these few days have been quite upsetting to me as I scroll through my news feed, a lot has been happening, where news of the senior lady got hit by the motorbike in Penang, the passenger that got dragged off overbooked United flight in Chicago & the recent one Islamic bomb explosion in 2 places of worship in Egypt.

Sipping my cup of coffee this morning, thinking, seeing all of these things happening in our world today, what can we do? Only to helplessly share posts in social media so that more people are aware of it?

And then a thought came to me, ‘ What we can do is pray.’ As only God is above us, He sees everything and knows everything.

10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Hebrews 6:10 

What we can do is lift it all up to Him & not worry. Help others whenever we can, even a small gesture can mean the world to people.

Thank you for reading this.. I’m sorry if this post is a bit too short, but I just felt that I had to share. Thanks for supporting and may GBU everyone. =)


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