24 Months, 730 Days, 17520 Hours

24 Months, 730 Days, 17520 Hours…    is the amount of time we have been together

the time we spent together

the amount of time we have loved each other

we laughed together

we cried together

we faced challenges together

argued over silly things together

….. And not a single moment I regret being with you


Thank you for ….                                         comforting me each time I cried

for being by my side whenever I need you

caring for me always

laughing at my silly jokes

protecting me

supporting & encouraging me in work & life

advising me

putting up with my roller coaster emotions


Most of all, thank you for loving me after all this time & in these 2 years and more to come.

I love you,  Windz Neom Wei Xing.      



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