A memorable Mother’s Day with Simon Yam and Gintell

Hollaaa everyone! Sorry as I have not been posting as often lately as some of you may know, I was sick for the past one week. Yes! Sad right? Was down with flu, sore throat & fever. Went to see doctor and my temp was at 37 degrees. =( Any food that i ate was tasteless and bland. Despite all of this, some of you were caring & advised me to drink more water & take care.. Truly appreciate it. It keeps me motivated to recover soon so that I can catch up on blog posts for all of you!

Okay okay.. enough of the sick talk… So, for Mother’s Day, I decided to bring my parents for this event, A memorable Mother’s Day with Simon Yam. If you all don’t already know, those who don’t watch HK movies one hor…. you should start watching… Simon Yam, also known as Yam Tat-wah (任達華), is a veteran Hong Kong-based actor and film producer. He has acted in a few international movies such as Naked Killer, SPL (a.k.a. Kill Zone), Election, Election 2 (a.k.a. Triad Election), Exiled, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, The Thieves.

You should know this movie, right? If you haven’t please go watch it nao. So now you know that Simon Yam is very famous & popular liao hor.. Anyway we got to see him as he is the face & ambassador of Gintell.

All New Gintell UFO Massage Chair with Simon Yam


gintell UFO massage chair

And this time, he is Introducing the NEW Gintell’s DéSpace UFO massage chair.

Wen Simon Yam first came up to the stage, everyone screamed & applaud! Especially all the ladies.. (shhh) How could he look so “en dao” at his age?

P/S: én dao’ in chinese meaning handsome/good looking.

“Snap snapsss, snap more pictures of him”

Simon Yam explaining the meaning of Mother’s Day, & how we should all appreciate our beloved mummies!

gintell ufo massage chair

Here I am trying out the Gintell’s DéSpace UFO massage chair! After getting on this chair.. I don’t feel like getting up anymore.. it is so so comfortable and it makes me think if I’m at outer space..*teehee* But in the end no choice lah, still have to get up… because I couldn’t afford this heavenly chair… YET! Wait for me UFO Chair! Let me get back to work & save up more money first okay!? Wait for me! *winky face*

Soo, I know you’re wondering why do I love this Gintell’s DéSpace UFO so muchie!? 

gintell ufo massage chair

Just because it consist of this 3 unique features on top of the rest usual ones!

gintell ufo massage chair

Yes.. all of these & more! Have a look at their website for more details & specifications.

CLICK  Gintell’s DéSpace UFO massage chair. 

All in all, all of us had an awesome lovely wonderful Memorable Mother’s Day with Simon Yam!

GINTELL- http://www.gintell.com

GINTELL FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/gintellmalaysia/


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