The Best ROSEGOLD Hologram Namecard I Have Ever Received!


Hollaa everyone! Today, I’m here to share with you the happiest day in this month with you!! So, as most of you know I just started blogging a few months ago, right? Being a blogger, we often get invited for food reviews and special events in the city. And most of the events, restaurants, cafe’s, blogger outings, etc has name card exchanging culture! A lot of awesome blogger friends that I met throughout my short blogging journey gave me their name cards (and they are all so lovely & colorful & awesome!!) but I didn’t have one to give back to them >,<. So, it inspired me to get a name card for myself too!

Since I’ve always been a fan of all things iridescent, pastels & rose gold, I decided to design my own name card & that’s where I found Printmystuff through a blogger friend of mine where I met her online! She helped me get in contact with printmystuff as there hasn’t been many card printing services that offered exotic materials such as hologram cards, transparent cards, etc!

rose gold namecards

Here is mine! I absolutely love the colour! <3


Normally when I blog, I always need a few things. My laptop, my phone & since I aspire to be a beauty blogger ( I know I haven’t blogged much yet, but I’m adjusting my time to blog more for all of you!), my lipsticks & most importantly, my RoseGold Hologram Name Cards<3 !

rose gold namecards

My blogging essentials


rose gold namecards

More rosegold name cards!

rose gold namecards

Really happy that I have these babies now with me. I can share it with the world, not feeling bad of not having a name card to exchange anymore. Have you got my name card yet? Feel free to get one from me when you see me! <3

What’s more about this is that Printmystuff is the first and only hologram namecard printing in SG! So be sure to check them out! Plus they are giving 10% discount exclusively to my readers! Just mention Lady Iridescent!

If you are interested in getting a foil name card like mine, here are the details.

260gsm Hologram Foil Art Card (Rose Gold)  – 100qty
Full colour Double side printing

The list of things they provide for printing:


For more details and information, feel free to visit:

PrintMyStuffSG Facebook Page


INSTA: @printmystuffsg

The majority of their customers are Singaporean, they accept JB / KL / Singapore’s customers as of now. Customer can easily reach them at printmystuff(a) or
They welcome inquiries on any of their online platforms:

For customers without their own Artwork, we recommend them to join our Facebook Group:
FREE Namecard Design ~ by Printmystuffsg

They upload different design, range from Wedding Invitation insert to Business cards. It’s FREE to use!

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[Iridescent Beauty] Trying Swissvita Anti Spot Serum

Hollaaa everyone! This week I will be reviewing Swissvita Anti Spot Serum. In case all of you are wondering, this is not a pay ad review but they did send me the product so that I could review it base on my own opinion. So, without further ado let’s get started!

First thing! About Swissvita. WHERE is Swissvita from?

Swissvita’s story began 10 years ago in 2007 between two skincare labs who successfully combined the essence of European beauty with technological innovations of Asia. We achieve this by using a natural extract known as AC-11. What’s more, we’ve seen visible results from people who’ve used our products in reducing the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.  Taken from their website-

So, what’s so good about AC-11?

I’ve read through their website, and it seems that AC-11 is derived from the inner bark of a vine, known as Uncaria tomentosa, which is indigenous to the Amazon. This ingredient has been supported by over 40 scientific studies. Within the research, it’s been found that AC-11® helps the body repair from oxidative stress and exposure to the sun’s UV rays DNA. What does AC11® do:

Reactivates dormant cellular enzymes key to cell regeneration and repair
Boosts production of Collagen 3 that creates softer, smoother skin
Normalizes the expression of proteins (NF-κB) in the cells, reducing inflammation

Now, let’s take a look at SwissVita product packaging.

swissvita anti spot serum
Comes in a small box since the product weighs 15g
swissvita anti spot serum
swissvita anti spot serum
The cream is in an aluminum sealed packaging to prolong the potent effects of ingredients, which is good. An a leaflet is tucked inside the box as well for more detailed instructions. Everything is easy to read & understand. Packaging is quite handy since it’s small, it’s easy to carry around.
swissvita anti spot serum
swissvita anti spot serum
First step: Take off the lid, bottle cap & red safety ring. You can discard the red safety ring & tighten the bottle cap.
swissvita anti spot serum
swissvita anti spot serum
Step two: After re-tightening the bottle cap, place a small pearl size of Anti-Spot Serum and gently smooth over face and neck, avoiding delicate eye areas.
swissvita anti spot serum before
swissvita anti spot serum before
As you can see, I have a few dark spots on my face might be due to the UV rays as I drive & go outdoors a lot. I notice that the cream was not oily & was easy to absorb.

The Features of Anti Spot Serum

  • Formulated with AC-11® and Vitamin B12 for accelerated skin reapir and collagen production
  • Brightens and reduces the look of spots
  • The power of vitamin C
  • Lighter and clearer skin
  • Gentle on all skin types
  • Intelligent packaging with risk-free guarantee


I’ve been using it everyday, and after two weeks, here are my result.

swissvita anti spot serum after
swissvita anti spot serum after

My face overall got a little little bit brighter, however my dark spots are still there, but I could feel that it is lighten.

The verdict? I would continue to use the product & see how it goes. So far I could see that my dark spots is lighter and my skin is brighter than before. Will update next time!

For those of you are interested to try it out as well, you can buy the product here Swissvita Anti Spot Serum

swissvita anti spot serum
swissvita anti spot serum

Hope you enjoyed this product review! Comment down below if you have used this product, or other similar products before!

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