[Iridescent Food] Popular Taiwanese Milk Tea!

Hollaa everyone!

I’m back again with another new post. This time I would like to share with you a Taiwanese popular milk tea drink called Chun Cui He!

The other day, my boyfie and I went out for dinner with his friends to a steamboat restaurant at Kepong. So, after chit chatting & finishing our dinner his friend suggested to go to Mix convenience store nearby. We agreed and so we went… and once we entered boyfie immediately saw Chun Cui He milk tea!


So we ended up buying them and boyfie says it is very delicious (he drank it before in Taiwan) so I’ve decided to try it too.

In Taiwan, these Chun Cui He milk teas come in a variety of different flavors such as Green Tea Latte, Sumiyaki, Mocha, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Oolong Milk Tea & many more! However, what we saw in the shelves that day are only Cafe au Lait & Green Milk Tea. 

Here are more pictures of me, very excited to try both flavors! <3

Cafe au Lait


Sluurrrpps! After trying the Cafe au Lait, I really loved the rich aroma of the tea in the drink plus the smooth taste of the milk which comes with it is just soooo  flavorful & yumms! In my opinion, Cafe au Lait is suitable for  tea lovers & people who love the stronger scent of tea in their drinks.

Green Milk Tea 


We then decided to try the 2nd bottle, which is the Green Milk Tea… After the first sip of the drink, I got hooked! This is definitely my cup of tea! I love it so much as the heavenly taste of the green tea & milk passed through my tongue, I fell in love with the rich, aromatic, full-flavored taste of the drink. You guys have to try this! especially this Green Milk Tea, really yums! 


In the end, both my boyfie & I chose the Green Milk Tea as our personal favourite. <3

All of you please try it too! Let me know which is your favorite flavor & what are the flavors that you’ve tried? Comment down below & don’t forget to Follow me on my blog!

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